Winter Camping on Thunderbird Ridge - Bruno LEVEQUE
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Winter Camping on Thunderbird Ridge

25th December 2016

Looking for an "easy" way to escape the city? Thunderbird Ridge is the place to go!

I had been dreaming of doing night photography in the snowy mountains for a long time, which led me to go on my first solo winter camping last December. As I wanted to avoid taking too much risk I started to look for a great spot around Vancouver.

As often there is not much information available online or even official location to do backcountry winter camping around Vancouver, but thanks to Ashika's blog I found out that it was possible to camp in the back of Grouse Mountain, with an incredible view on the city at night.

I never went in this area during winter before, so I started by hiking up there for a sunset to scout the area and prepare my photo-shoot. I went back a week later fully prepared - the sky was completely clear but it was -20°C and quite windy in the middle of the night.

It was also the first time I had to pitch my tent in the snow and it was quite fun to built a  platform in the powder. After hours enjoying the stars the wind started to rise around midnight: it was time to go back to the tent for a short night and be ready for the sunrise to come. 

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